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Our providers work to help patients create the care team needed to navigate life with MS.


As a patient at Premier Neurology, you will be part of a family working with you to increase your quality of life.

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Premier Neurology and its sister practice, Lifestyle Neurology, offer patient care in a peaceful environment. Our providers work to help patients create the care team needed to navigate life with MS, from opthalmologists to physical therapists, as well as counselors and nutritionists.

Premier Neurology has partnered with Intrafusion to provide access to both acute and chronic Infusion care for patients on our premises. 


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“Honestly the best decision I have made in years about my treatment. Dr. Hughes is just a really good person with a big heart! A lovely woman! Very compassionate and sincere. She is very knowledgeable about M.S. and doesn’t make you feel stupid about any question you ask her. Her office staff is wonderful and they go out of their way to make you comfortable and feel important. The best investment I’ve made in my M.S. journey.”



“It is difficult to think of powerful enough words to describe my incredible experience. Dr. Hughes provides second-to-none professional service that would be difficult to find anywhere else. She is friendly, compassionate, sincere, and extremely knowledgeable… Obviously because she’s a neurologist! I am extremely blessed that I was able to see Dr. Hughes and her staff. A+++ and would HIGHLY recommend to anyone.”



“It’s important to have trust in a physician treating me for something life threatening. Dr. Mary Hughes has my trust completely. I have had fewer relapses and better pain management. Love to see “as needed” on my prescription bottles!”



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Premier Neurology provides top notch treatments to help empower you to be the navigator of your own care team.

Meet Mary D. Hughes, M.D. 

Dr. Hughes has been in practice for 27 years, with five years at her private practice, Premier Neurology. When her sister was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Dr. Hughes dedicated her medical career to the purposeful and intentional treatment of MS.

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