Chronic Care Management Approach

Long-Term Neurological Care in Greenville, SC

At Premier Neurology, we understand that managing a long-term condition requires a commitment by both the patient and the care team. Our team is devoted to being beside our patients for every step in their journey, so we can help them optimize wellness at every stage of their condition.

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Long-Term Neurological Care in Greenville, SC

Chronic conditions require a committed care team

Over the course of a long illness, patients experience better outcomes when they’re connected to a team that stays with them for the long haul. Our Premier Neurology care staff prides itself on getting to know our patients personally, not just knowing about their diagnoses and conditions! When our patients walk in, it’s like visiting with friends. We go out of our way to make sure every one of our patients with chronic conditions feel at home, cared for, and confident in their care!

Uninterrupted condition management

For long-term care, it’s critical to build and keep the momentum of forward progress with regular visits to our office. We coordinate with your other practitioners to make sure every step of your care is on track. Working together, our office and your other care professionals work to ensure you stay on schedule and make the progress you deserve. Your overall wellness is our goal!

Long-Term Neurological Team in Greenville, SC

Building your care team

Managing a long-term condition is almost never the work of one provider or office alone. We partner with other trusted practitioners that we know personally to help you build a great care team for your condition. We’re happy to refer you to nutritionists, counselors, physical therapists, ophthalmologists, occupational therapists, and primary care physicians we trust, so you can get comprehensive, effective care for the evolving needs of your condition.

Medication management

Chronic conditions often require a variety of different medications and treatments that change over time. We’ll help you manage your medications to reduce the likelihood of contraindications, side effects, and dosage errors. As your condition evolves, so do we. Our keen eye on the overall picture of your medications and treatment plan means you always have the best combination of medications for your unique condition and lifestyle.

Happy family getting long-term neurological care in Greenville, SC

Lifestyle guidance

So much of managing your condition is within your control. Through lifestyle changes, you may be able to greatly increase your quality of life and manage your symptoms.

We’ll help you to discover and define the lifestyle choices that you are able to make that will have the greatest impact on your day-to-day living. From connecting you with a nutritionist, physical therapist, or counselor, to designing a plan for how to properly achieve the tasks in your daily life with minimal effort, your care team at Premier Neurology helps you optimize your wellness in all areas of your life.

Ongoing support

Managing a long-term condition can seem daunting when you are first diagnosed. We understand the frustration and uncertainty that comes with wondering what’s ahead. That’s why we are here for you, not only with our professional expertise, but with our unwavering support. To us, you are more than a patient. You are part of the family and a success story waiting to happen!

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